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[Baby vegetable puree adding order table]_Baby_How to add

[Baby vegetable puree adding order table]_Baby_How to add

Most newborns are mother’s milk-based. Breast milk replacement is also the best choice for children. Milk can provide comprehensive nutrients and is beneficial to the healthy development of children.

As the child grows up, many mothers have re-entered the workplace again, so about six months, the child will add some complementary foods, including vegetables are indispensable, but how to add them, you can add the baby vegetables 泚 orderTable to understand.

The first is the order of supplementary food for baby 4-6 months.

Staple food: The nutrition of rice paste rice soup → rice essence → rice paste → rice flour rice paste contains the following content 51 per 100 grams.

89csaccharides 11.

72mg protein 1.

05mg aunt 0.

09mg (Baby’s first complementary food is best to start with rice soup, because rice soup is less likely to cause baby allergies) 2.

Vegetables: Spinach Juice Spinach Juice → Cauliflower Juice → Water Spinach Juice → Pak Choi Juice → Korean Vegetable Spinach Juice.

45csaccharides 1.

5mg protein 1.

05mg aunt 0.

25mg (Baby may be a bit uncomfortable at the beginning of drinking spinach juice. Before feeding the spinach juice, you can adapt the baby to the juice. After trying the spinach juice, first focus on green vegetables and try light-colored vegetables or melons or(Other vegetables) 3.

Fruits: Apple Juice, Apple Juice, Pear Juice, Cantaloupe Juice, Papaya Puree, Banana Puree Apple Juice15.

42csaccharides 3.

63mg protein 0.

09mg aunt 0.

06mg (Apple is a fruit that is less likely to cause allergies in fruits. It is recommended that the baby’s first fruit juice starts with apple juice. If you are still a little worried, Baoma can cook the apples) Then it is a complementary food for 7-9 monthsAdd sequence 1.
Beans: tofu puree tofu → edamame → original soymilk tofu puree 15.

6csaccharides 0.

6mg protein 1.

5mg aunt 0.

8mg (tender tofu is less likely to cause inflation than traditional tofu, and it is best to use hot water before eating it, it will be more secure, and the baby can already adapt to a little adult stuff) 2.

Staple food: roasted toast rice crackers → roasted toast → noodles → vegetable porridge beans nutritional content 30.

11c sugars 4.

9mg protein 0.

94mg aunt 0.

75mg (Yes, your baby’s diet has become a little bit adult. If you have a tooth, you can let him carry it by hand and eat it slowly.

The baby has grown up slowly, and it feels that time is passing fast, and the baby can move and eat by himself) 3.

Fruits: Grape Juice, Orange Juice → Grape Juice → Kiwi Pure Fruit Grape Nutrition Ingredients Sugar 6.

2mg protein 0.

6mg aunt 0.

2mg (grape juice is high in vitamins, it is recommended to drink it fresh and does not need to be refrigerated. For allergic babies, kiwi fruit can be added or tried after one year old) 4.

Vegetables: Loofah Puree Sprout Puree → Loofah Puree → Tofu Puree Loofah Puree 7.

3c sugars 1.

2mg protein 0.

4mg aunt 0.

1mg (Luffa has natural sweetness without seasoning, and suitable for babies) 5. Fish: The nutritional content of sea bass porridge cod → sea bass → salmon sea bass porridge 35.

8c carbohydrate 0 mg protein 5.

8mg aunt 1.

4mg (Fish for babies, it is best to choose fresh, few spines, and fine meat types. When cooking, be careful to remove fish and scales.