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[Acceleration method for shrimp line]_How to remove_Processing method

[Acceleration method for shrimp line]_How to remove_Processing method

Usually, before eating shrimp, you must remove the shrimp line. The shrimp line is mainly a series of shrimp. It belongs to the digestive system of shrimp. There will be some dirty things in it. If you do not remove it, it will first affect the taste.For some people, symptoms such as diarrhea may be caused by gastrointestinal dysfunction, which is not good for your health. The method of removing shrimp thread is also relatively simple and can be removed with a toothpick.

Acceleration method to go shrimp line 1.

The toothpick method can be said that the best way to remove shrimp threads is to use dental floss. Experts especially remind people who are not particular about diet, they must remove the shrimp threads before eating shrimp. Otherwise, it may easily cause symptoms such as diarrhea.Food poisoning may occur.

The method of using a practical toothpick to remove shrimp lines is very simple. It only needs to use a toothpick to pass between the penultimate section and the penultimate section of the shrimp body, and then pick the shrimp line upward.

This time is not finished, because the shrimp line is not completely removed at this time, so you should pinch the aligned thread end after picking the shrimp line with a toothpick, and then completely pull out the shrimp line so that you can eat it with confidence.

Many people like to peel live shrimp when they want to cook shrimp, and then they will cook the shrimp first. This method is the most inconvenient.

Usually, the best way to get the shrimp line fast is to peel it alive.

It may sound bloody, but it’s actually not the case. The so-called live peeling refers to holding the live shrimp around the neck, and then pulling the head and the shrimp line together.

In this way, the shrimp line can be completely removed in the shortest time. It can be said that the shrimp is the easiest to go to the line when it is raw.

This method does not need to have a knife on the back, then boil the decapitated shrimp in boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes, and wait until the shell turns red.

At this time, the purpose is not to cook it, or to harden its shell so that it is easy to remove the shrimp shell.


There are many ways to get shrimp lines in the life of shrimp head spurs. Another method is also very simple and effective.

Generally, there is a gradual thorn in the middle of the shrimp head. At this time, you only need to cut a mouth with scissors at the stabbed position, and then use the plane of the scissors to pick out the entire brain. At this time, the shrimp line will be pulled out.
This method can easily go to the shrimp line, and at the same time keep the entire shrimp intact, so some people who require perfect work do not prevent you from trying this method.

But when you use this method, you must pay special attention to it, don’t break your brain with scissors, otherwise the shrimp line won’t come out.

Therefore, after cutting the mouth with scissors, you must use the flat surface of the scissors to pick.

In addition to knowing the method of shrimp line, you should also pay special attention to the precautions of eating shrimp. Experts remind that whether you eat shrimp or other seafood, you can not eat a lot of vitamins and food at the same time, otherwise it is easyThere are symptoms such as arsenic poisoning, which seriously affect human health and life safety.