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I lost my life for losing weight.

I lost my life for losing weight.

Domestically produced fenfluramine-containing slimming capsules have recently been reported to be contained in Japan, and Singapore has died.

The United States has long banned the sale of such drugs.

However, in the previous product advertisements containing fenfluramine, the drug is still being sold.

Advise everyone here, to lose weight, take medicine to guide the doctor.

  Recently, the nationwide media reported such a news: a 60-year-old Japanese father died after taking several treatments of “Zhuzhitang Weight Loss Capsule” produced by Guangzhou Yuzhitang Health Products Co., Ltd., and another 11People have symptoms of abnormal liver function.

The Air Force also reported that some people in Singapore died after taking this medicine.

  According to reports, the Japanese authorities inspected and analyzed the ingredients of the Yuzhitang products taken by these people, and found that Yuzhitang slimming capsules contain fenfluramine, a drug that is banned in Japan.

  On July 18th, “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” reported that two years ago, a county in Japan had also suffered from death from weight loss foods such as Chinese Yuzhitang slimming capsules.

On July 20th, Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun published a data: As of July 20, a total of 165 people in Japan had liver dysfunction or abnormal thyroid symptoms due to taking Chinese-made diet pills, of which 4 died.
  According to the reporter, there are two types of diet pills commonly used in countries around the world: one is phentermine, fenfluramine and sibutramine chloride. The drug acts on the central nervous system and affects appetite.To achieve the purpose of weight loss; the other is to act on the upstream channel, to reduce weight by reducing the additional absorption, the representative drug is orlistat (Senic).

  As early as March of this year, the Society has reported that the slimming drug “Nomeiting” containing sibutramine hydrochloride has caused death, and the safety of sibutramine hydrochloride has been raging.

  Fenfluramine is a drug that was re-used by the International Olympic Committee in 2000.

According to clinical experts, fenfluramine can only be used in patients with severe diabetes and unable to control their appetite.

Professor Chen Chunming, head of the China Office of the International Life Sciences Society, said that fenfluramine was widely used in the United States in the 1980s to produce weight-loss drugs, but it has been fully replenished more than 10 years later because it can cause heart disease.The consequences of the damage have been confirmed by the FDA, and Singapore has recently triggered its consequences of harming the liver.

  At present, some family medicine factories are producing this kind of unfavorable weight-loss drugs every year, and the advertisement of this medicine is still being done.

The advertised manufacturers said that they started producing the drug as early as 1987.

The drug is cheap, sales have been good, and reports of adverse reactions have been received continuously.

The reporter saw the drug at several pharmacies in Beijing.

  According to a report from the South, on July 9 this year, the Ministry of Health officially issued a notice to Guangzhou Yuzhitang Health Products Co., Ltd., which produces Yuzhitang slimming capsules, to restore its “Yuzhitang slimming capsule” containing fenfluramine.Health food approval certificate.

  On July 23, a newspaper in Beijing published such a content: The reporter learned from the State Food and Drug Administration that although the United States has banned the sale of such drugs, the Ministry of Health has also added certain health foods with this ingredient.Investigate, but in the end, the drug’s prescription drug identity is not in the previous alternative.

The State Food and Drug Administration also did not expect to issue an order to stop production.

  Obesity has become one of the four major medical and social problems in the world. According to statistics, there are about 70 million obesity patients every year. It is estimated that the market capacity of diet pills and related health care products will exceed 900 million in the future.The stakeholders have brought huge business opportunities to this vast market.

  Scientific consumption and scientific life are the correct modern concepts that are increasingly deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Nutritional health, slimming and losing weight has become a fashion pursuit.

“It is a three-point drug”, the drug is imported, the pros and cons are compatible, and there must be a doctor’s guidance to ensure safety.

Sibutramine hydrochloride is also good, fenfluramine is also good, the national authorities should give scientific explanations to consumers.

People should not be convinced of the hype of advertising, only to figure out the beauty of the moment, and mistaken their own lives.