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Wash the down jacket properly to prevent bacterial growth

Wash the down jacket properly to prevent bacterial growth

Many people know that down jackets should be carefully washed and maintained to reduce the growth of bacteria.

After the spring is over, the temperature will gradually warm up. At this time, it is best to clean and store the down jacket.

How to clean and maintain the down jacket to make it clean and fresh while maintaining warmth?

  Slightly dirty down jacket local cleaning[step]1.

Use a sponge to clean the spirit or soapy water. The sponge can be replaced with an old toothbrush (preferably a soft-bristled toothbrush);

Wipe repeatedly with a cotton swab or a wet towel (75 degrees); 3.

Finally wipe it off with a dry towel.

  [Tips]In daily life, the whole body often gets the oil stains of cooking, tea/coffee stains, vegetable juice, etc., which can be treated with laundry detergent.

The laundry detergent does not need to be dissolved with water, it can be directly applied to the stains of the clothes, and then dried with a wet towel.

You can use an effective deep clothing to deeply remove various stubborn stains, which is excellent for home life stains.

  The dirty down jacket is recommended for overall hand washing[step]1.

First soak the down jacket in cold water for 20 minutes, so that the down jacket is fully wet inside and outside;

The detergent is dissolved in warm water of 30 degrees, and then the down jacket is placed in it for a quarter of an hour;

Remove the down jacket from the washing solution, tiling it on a clean countertop, and gently brush the down jacket from the inside out with a soft brush.


Grab the various parts of the down jacket with both hands in the water until it is kneaded cleanly.

Rinse most of the water and rinse it several times in clean water to completely remove the detergent residue.


Rinse the rinsed down jacket down the water and let it dry.