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Vegetarian goodness and merit

Vegetarian goodness and merit


Vegetable food is a healthy food, and vegetarianism is to go to the health of the ancients.

Most of the diseases that humans receive are caused by diet.

Therefore, if people can control and balance their diet, they can reduce many physical diseases.

As the Master of Confucius said before, people compare vegetarianism with practice. Therefore, vegetarianism is tantamount to lightness and simplicity, and only seeks to live and die.

No wonder the average person, when it comes to vegetarianism, always has a dilemma.

Since the beginning of the world, the technology has been prosperous and the material is extremely rich. People have been studying medicine and diet for the purpose of treating diseases, health and longevity, and finally found that meat is more harmful to human health, and grains, miscellaneous grains, fruits and vegetables, etc.The so-called vegetarian diet is the most natural and harmless healthy food for human beings.

Thoroughly, the medical profession and nutritionists are strongly praising the recipe for “vegetarian therapy, health and longevity”
. Therefore, the equation of vegetarianism and health is a recognized fact in the past century and a breakthrough in traditional vegetarianism.
  In fact, human beings are originally vegetable eater, “new vegetarian.


“Longevity” has such a paragraph that describes very well. “If human beings can smother a bird, tear off its still-lived limbs with teeth, and breathe it with warm blood, then we can replace it, humans.Have the instinct of meat.

From the previous point of view, a bunch of fresh grapes or a plate of fresh fruit, he has been drooling, and even he does not feel bored, he can still eat fruit, because the taste of the fruit is sweet.

This is a supplement to humans’ vegetarian instinct.

“So if you want to be healthy, you must return to the source, return to nature, and take food and vegetables as the basis.

  Why is it bad to eat meat?

  First, when animals are slaughtered, many toxins are left in the body.

Please let us take a look at the scientific experiments below.

Experiments at the Washington Psychological Laboratory have shown that our evil thoughts, such as resentment, anger, stuns, and jealousy, can cause physiological chemical changes that produce a toxic substance that is injected into the bloodstream.

Animals are also sentient beings. When animals are killed, they also produce fear and pain. At this time, the biochemical effects in the body have changed greatly.

Because this is the struggle between life and death, so will produce more toxins, will spread the whole body, causing the entire body to be poisoned.

Toxins in animal bodies, including uric acid and other toxic excretions, can occur in the blood and body tissues.

Especially when animals are struggling in vain for life, the secretion of hormones in the blood will be increased, and a large amount of hormones will be left in the healing meat.

At the same time, when the animal is slaughtered, the protein in the corpse will condense and produce self-decomposing enzymes.

Soon, a denatured substance called “corpse poison” was formed.

The US nutrition agency pointed out that “animal carcasses contain toxic blood and other excretions.

“After such a person eats meat, naturally toxic substances also enter the human body.

  Second, there are chemical poisons in the meat.

The meat on the market is almost always from farms, such as cattle farms, pig farms, chicken farms, etc.

In order to accelerate the growth of animals, obesity, and improve the color of meat, it is more clear that in order to obtain more profits, breeders often feed animals with chemical substances such as anti-drugs, antibiotics, sedatives, etc.article.

For example, the British mad cow disease is said to be because of the chemical feed.

In order to grow agonists, take forced feeding, inject hormones, etc.

So the New York Times once reported that “hidden pollution poisons are a potential crisis for meat ingestors, with residual pesticides, nitrates, hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals.

“Third, animals that are raised on farms grow in a very small, crowded, unfree, natural sunlight, and the environment is not good, naturally, a variety of diseases.

Take chickens, for example, the chickens that are raised often have complications such as brain damage, phlegm, visceral bleeding, anemia, disability and bone and vegetable loosening.

The US government has reported that more than 90% of the flocks are suffering from cancer.

In the UK, 36 million broilers die each year from disease.

And often there are many hidden diseases that are not easily detected.

Therefore, people who eat such meat will naturally cause various consequences.We often listen to some elderly people. The illness of people nowadays is very strange. We have never heard of it before.

In fact, it is not surprising that the source of these diseases is caused by people eating foods of various chemical preparations for a long time, so now people are returning to nature, and there are no natural foods with chemical additives.

  So what are the benefits of vegetable food?

  There are two major characteristics of vegetable food. Vitamin C and vitamin C can strengthen the body’s immune system. Vitamin A can lower the infection resistance. It is an essential antibody for the first line of defense such as skin, eyes, respiratory organs, digestive organs and urinary catheters.Vitamin B group has the immune function of supplementing the brain nervous system and the network. Second, the fiber-containing multi-fiber has many benefits for the human body. The conversion to vitamins is important to the human body. Fiber is another major discovery of human beings.

It is another single human being to go to healthy food.

As far as we know, there are several advantages in terms of fiber quality that help to control weight, not gain weight, and are full of vitality. It can reduce the absorption of adults during digestion and can reduce blood and cardiovascular.The impurities, such as cholesterol, triglyceride, etc., can reduce the body’s need for insulin, which is beneficial to diabetes and other patients. It is rough and can replace carcinogens in the large intestine, with other sundries.Introduced in vitro, it can prevent the formation of intestinal cancer, increase the fiber mass, and lower blood pressure (blood pressure food).

  According to expert research, many so-called “normal” growth can even be said to shorten the lifespan. If you eat more fiber-based vegetables, you can improve it and prevent a variety of deadly diseases, such as heart disease.Diabetes, cancer, etc.

This may be one of the reasons why many monks will live longer.

  Let us now further analyze the sintering of vegetable food to humans.

The blood plays a pivotal role in the human body. Just like a country’s traffic, if its traffic is not developed, then this home cannot develop.

Similarly, if a person’s blood is not good, he will not be healthy.

According to medicine, if you use HP as a unit to test, the blood of a healthy person is seven or three, microscopic, so the blood of the micro-sex is good blood.

The slightly bloody blood is rich in minerals such as calcium and potassium.

According to scientific analysis and research, animal foods tend to make blood acidic, while vegetable foods and vegetables contain a lot of minerals (but there are exceptions, such as rice containing more phosphorus, which can make blood sour.), so the vegetable food can make the blood become slightly sputum and help the body to be healthy.

  Vegetable food can fight cancer.

According to the professor of the University of Osaka, Japan, if the blood reacts as an acid, the cells will age and the micron will expand.

If you want to control the development of plasma, it is best to make the blood microscopic.

Professor Jin Sen of the University of Texas in the United States found that in a small town near New York, the number of cancers is lower than that of other neighboring towns. It is known that there is a large lake in the town, and the potassium content in the lake exceeds that of the town.

Professor Jin Sen analyzed data from 20 countries around the world, and found that in areas with more potassium supplementation, there were fewer people with cancer.

Glucose-rich breeding objects are patients with partial meat, eggs and acidic foods.

The vegetable food contains a lot of minerals such as potassium and calcium, and some blood becomes phlegm.

Therefore, in the United States, the method of treating cancer with vegetable food is very popular.


Vegetarianism makes people smart and wears a gift. “The meat eaters are brave and embarrassed, and the people who eat the valley are smart and clever.

“This theory of the ancients is gradually being confirmed by modern science.

Dr. Hirayama Hiroshi of the Public Public Health Center in Japan discovered by scientific methods that vegetarians have low cravings, carnivores have strong cravings, vegetarians are clear-minded, carnivores are savvy, vegetarians are quick-moving, and carnivores are slow-moving.

According to the physiology of the brain, human brain activity is formed by the interaction of positive and negative forces in the brain cells, which are constantly impacted in the brain. This is what we usually call `thinking.

This kind of shock has reached the highest level, and there is always a role to win. This is what we usually call a ‘decision’.

However, in order for brain cells to fully exert their positive and negative effects, it is necessary to fully supply the nutrients necessary for brain cells, which are mainly glutamic acid, followed by vitamin B and oxygen.

In the food, whole grains and beans, gluten-containing and various vitamin B are the most abundant, and meat is second and small.

The human body can also make vitamin B itself, but if it is partial to meat, the blood will become acidic and thus cannot function as a blood in the body.

A similar report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Medical School also said that eating a healthy diet is a whole-grain food that promotes brain-synthesis and creates peace and happiness in the depths of the mind.

Therefore, vegetarians can gain a more robust brain and improve their wisdom and judgment.

Here we only give two examples. Zhao Puchu’s old layman is a vegetarian. He is already a 91-year-old person this year, but his body is still very good, especially his mind is still very clear, and his thinking is still very agile.

Yinshun tutor is a vegetarian in his life. Now he is eighty-five, six-year-old, but he is still busy with books and says that he will be a sentient being.


Vegetarians can lose weight Modern people have realized that “excessive is not a blessing.”

In particular, excessive hypertension has a huge burden on heart disease, which indirectly leads to the occurrence of various diseases, such as heart disease.

And obese people are very inconvenient to act, affecting normal work and life.

Therefore, various organizations and activities for weight loss fitness flourish throughout the world.Today, even those who are “beating to marry” will not start to be obese.

Some young girls lose weight to lose weight. As a result, they end up getting worse and worse, unable to work and learn.

In fact, it is the best way to lose weight with vegetarian food.

Because the fiber in the vegetable food is more, it can reduce the unfortunate absorption in the digestion process, help to control the body weight, does not increase the excess excess meat and gain weight, and will be light and swift and energetic.

This not only ensures a normal life, but also achieves the purpose of losing weight and controlling weight. Isn’t this a two-pronged effect?


Vegetarians can be used for vegetarians. People often encounter such a problem. Why do vegetarians have a radiant complexion and some vegetarians have yellow skinny?

This is because some people, because of their beliefs, or because they don’t understand or neglect their eating patterns, prefer to eat certain foods or foods for a long time. In the long run, the body lacks various nutrients.Caused by physiological disorders, the various organs can not operate normally, so the disease is overwhelming, the face is yellow and thin.

Here we have to be especially reminded that vegetarians must maintain a balanced diet, eat a variety of vegetables every day to ensure the intake of various elements, then our body will be healthy.

In fact, if a carnivore has a partial eclipse, it will also be a disease, and the face is yellow and thin.

  The quality of the skin is directly related to the blood.

The role of the sweat gland is one of the important metabolisms of the human body. The secreted sweat contains about one-fifth of the solid matter.

The main components of these solid materials are table salt, urea and lactic acid.

When there is a large amount of meat, the acidity in the blood is also increased, and the amount of urea and lactic acid in the blood, particularly lactic acid, is also increased.

As soon as this acid comes to the surface of the skin, it constantly erodes the cells on the surface of the skin.

The skin that has been damaged will become rough and lose its elasticity. It is the skin’s slack and weakness. When it is exposed to cold wind or exposed to sunlight, the skin will crack or become inflamed immediately.

  However, the vegetable food contains a variety of minerals, which can produce good micro-blood blood, so that the acid in the blood is greatly reduced.

When we sweat, there are fewer harmful substances that are discharged from the body with sweat, and it will not damage the skin.

At the same time, calcium and other minerals can wash away the harmful substances in the blood, so that the blood becomes pure and pure, so that the skin can naturally become ruddy, soft and shiny, making people look younger.

This is better than the various cosmetic ointments used in modern times.

First, this method is fundamentally done, so it is a permanent solution. Second, you can save money without having to buy another beauty ointment.


Vegetarian can eliminate the body odor “The Mahayana into the Sangha Sutra” in the Buddha said “big Hui, people who eat meat, seeing all beings, all are afraid, repairing compassion, Yunhe meat.”

Dahui, husband meat eaters, body skunks, sages, good friends, no relatives, it is the Bodhisattva involved in meat.

Westerners are mainly carnivorous and often have a body odor on their bodies, so he invented a variety of perfumes and used perfume to cover up the smell.

In the past, the Orientals have always been mainly vegetables, and there is no strange smell on the body, so there is no need for perfume to eliminate body odor.

Why do you eat more meat and smell?

Because the meat is a lot of meat, the blood in the body becomes acidic.

Most of the harmful acidic substances produced in the blood will be squeezed out of the sweat, especially the sweat under the sleeves.

And these acidic substances are very strange, so people who eat meat will stink.

If a carnivorous person can reduce the carnivorous meat and change it to a vegetarian diet, then his blood will be converted into a slight sputum, and the harmful acidic substances will be neutralized in the blood, and the robes will change the blood quality.

Therefore, the sweat that is discharged will not have an unpleasant smell.