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[Difference between milk powder and milk]_milk_different points

[Difference between milk powder and milk]_milk_different points

At present, due to various physical and other reasons, Baoma women must have milk after giving birth. Only milk powder or fresh milk can be used for babies.

Milk powder and milk have the same nutritious ingredients. Milk is sterilized by high temperature and then canned. The fresh milk is made from concentrated powders and dried.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, so what’s the difference between milk powder and milk?

First, milk is an edible nutrient that people like.

However, milk contains higher feces, and every 100 grams of milk contains more than 4 grams of feces. This feces content is for those who are obese and have high blood lipids.

Is a disadvantage.

When there is no skimmed milk, you can skim the milk yourself to make skim milk.

After boiling the fresh milk over low heat, remove it from the fire source and let it cool. After the milk surface has formed a thin film (cream), gently peel it off.

Then boil the milk, cool it, and remove the film. Repeat this several times until the surface of the milk is no longer condensed.

In this way, the aunt is removed, and it becomes skim milk.

Second, identify pure milk: Pure milk is also called fresh milk, pure fresh milk. From the product ingredient list, you can see that there is only one kind of ingredient for this product, namely fresh milk.

There are two main ways to distinguish the quality of pure milk: total dry matter is also called whole milk solids and protein. The content of these two indicators is generally stated on the product packaging bag. Their content exceeds the nutritional value of milk.

If the protein content is not less than 2.

5g / 100ml is milk, otherwise it is milk drink.

Third, milk powder is a powder made by removing milk from water, which is suitable for storage.

Milk powder uses fresh milk or goat’s milk as raw materials, and uses frozen or heated methods to remove almost all of the water in the milk. After drying, it adds appropriate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other processed foods.

Fourth, milk powder is easy to prepare, easy to carry, and rich in nutrition.

Instant milk powder is larger and looser than ordinary milk powder, has good wettability and high dispersion.

When preparing, it can dissolve quickly even with warm water.

Milk powder is a powder made by removing fresh milk from mammals, making it convenient to store and carry.

Fourth, (8) Lactoferrin: Lactoferrin is the core immune protein in breast milk and an important non-heme iron-binding glycoprotein in milk.

Lactoferrin is added to infant formula milk formula, which is also a unique nutrient component added to infant formula, which can meet the needs of infant growth and development, at the same time improve infant immunity, and protect the baby’s health.

“Baby-fed babies are less sick” is exactly the reason.

Lactoferrin has been industrialized in some progress such as New Zealand and the Netherlands, especially in the fields of infant formula, health food and fermented dairy products.